cleaning a mattress

Spring Cleaning Your Mattress for Better Sleep

The green grass is starting to grow, birds are chirping, temperatures are starting to warm up, and spring has finally sprung! While many of us are cooped up inside the house at this time anyway, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some spring cleaning done. On your list should be giving your bedroom, and specifically your mattress a deep clean! With cleaner air and a cleaner mattress, you’ll likely even get better sleep. Here are 3 tips to get started with your spring cleaning in the bedroom. 

Vacuum Your Mattress

Strip the sheets off your bed, put the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, and give you mattress a good cleaning. Vacuum the top and sides to remove any dirt, dust, and debris that has been living on the surface. Using the crevice tool you can also really get in there to remove any stubborn dirt embedded in the seams of your mattress. Ideally, this should be done every 3 months, and what better time to start than now!

Give it Some Fresh Air

Getting some natural ventilation to your mattress will help immensely to eliminate any odors and freshen it up. Open the windows to your bedroom and let the spring air flow through. It may even help to prevent future dust mites if humidity levels are kept low and the temperature or your bedroom is adequate. You may even want to bring in some natural scent in your room to help you get an even better night’s sleep. 

Remove Stains 

Whether it’s food stains from eating in bed, sweat from those hot summer nights, or any other substances, we all have stains on our beds. Before trying any DIY methods, consult with your mattress manufacturer or local store to ask for help, to ensure you’re protecting the warranty. We’ll be glad to provide you with some helpful hints.

 If spring cleaning simply isn’t cutting in and your mattress is sadly looking like it’s past the point of no return, we can also help you find a new one! We have a great selection of top quality brands waiting for you in our mattress store in Watertown. Some of our most popular brands include Simmons, Therapedic, Gold Bond, King Koil, Spring Air, and beyond. Our mattress experts will be able to help you find the best mattress to suit your sleep style. Stop by Watertown Mattress today to spring into better sleep.