Mattresses, Box Springs, Futons, & Furnishings in Newton, MA

Since 2009, Watertown Mattress has been providing discount mattresses, futons, box springs, and any home furnishing you can think of to residents of Newton MA. While we are located in Watertown, we offer all of our bedroom products and excellent service to those in looking for a new mattress in Newton, MA. Our team has years of experience working with different types of bedroom products as well as industry leading brands. This allows us to answer any and all questions you may have about the products we carry. We take pride in making sure you leave with a new mattress or bedroom furnishing to give you the good night sleep you deserve. Ready to enhance your bedroom in Newton, MA? Give us a call today! 

Mattress Store & Home Furnishings in Newton, MA.

If you are looking to enhance your home while saving money than Watertown Mattress is the mattress store for you in Newton, MA. We only carry the best brands so that we offer the highest quality products to our beloved customers. Since 2009 we have been working with the best brands in the industry to make sure you have a good nights sleep while saving money. We specialize in discount mattresses that offer the same quality of sleep as a brand new mattress. Some of the brands we work with include:

  • Simmons
  • Spring Air
  • Therapedic
  • Dream Well
  • Gold Bond
  • King Koil

Mattress & Bedroom Products in Newton, MA

In addition to mattresses, Watertown Mattress takes pride in providing any type of bedroom furnishing you may need. Whether it is couches, futons, box springs, mattress toppers, etc. we have what you need! Our well trained and informed team is ready to help you find the perfect sleeping solution no matter what need you have. We make sure that each customer is satisfied 100% when they leave our mattress store in Newton, MA. Below is a list of some of the products we carry but we have almost anything you need to enhance the furnishings of your whole home! 

  • Mattresses
  • Futtons
  • Box Springs
  • Dining Room Sets
  • Overall furnishings
  • Couches

If you are ready to upgrade either your mattress or any type of furnishing in your home in Newton, MA then be sure to contact Watertown Mattress today! 



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