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How the Winter Affects Your Sleep

While it may be easier for you to sleep in a room with air conditioning in the summer, cold winters can actually negatively affect sleep. Winter is known for hot chocolate, curling up by the fire, and enjoying the white snow. There are plenty of aspects of winter to be enjoyed, but lack of sleep may not be one of them. Read on to learn how winter can negatively affect your sleep patterns.

Colder Temperature/Air

Yes, it is true that we sleep better in cold rooms rather than hot ones. But, cold temperatures outdoors can cause us to increase the heat indoors. This can negatively impact your sleep patterns and quality. Blasting heat in your home can cause your air to be dry, as your body’s mucous membranes may dry out. Additionally, the need for heating can actually make you feel hotter when you sleep, which disrupts your nightly sleep cycle.

Less Light

We all know that summer equates to longer days and winter equates to shorter days. As the days get shorter and shorter, the amount of daylight decreases daily as well. Once it starts to
get dark early in the afternoon, this lack of light can affect time and quality of sleep. Interestingly, lack of light can cause the body to produce more melatonin, which makes people feel tired and groggy. Feeling tired at bedtime is good, but feeling like this in the afternoon is disruptive to your sleep schedule.

Change in Diet

Winter means the holidays, and the holidays mean holiday foods. During the holiday and winter season, people tend to indulge in their guilty food pleasures. Even if you don’t do that, you’ll likely be changing your diet based on how you celebrate holidays. Individuals may start to binge on foods that are sugary and dense in carbohydrates. Both of these food groups may impact your hormone levels, which is associated with metabolism. Not only can this negatively impact your sleep cycle, but it can also cause you to crave these unhealthy foods even more.

A New Mattress Can Help

While you should definitely be aware of how the winter can affect your sleep, try to use this awareness to modify your behaviors and actions. Try not to binge too much on sugary treats if you find it is affecting your sleep. Get a humidifier in your room so that you don’t have super dry air. If you find yourself groggy in the afternoons, consider using a lightbox. And, most of all, consider buying a memory foam mattress. Getting a new mattress can help you sleep better. Watertown Mattress provides high-quality mattresses that will help you sleep well in every season!