black futon with pillows on it in a room

7 Reasons To Buy A Futon Mattress

When it comes to bedroom necessities, there is always a debate in which type of furniture you should have for your bedroom. While having a bed is something everyone wants and desires for ultimate comfort, the price of mattresses may turn some buyers off. This is where futons come into play as they offer a cheaper alternative that still gives the same results as a regular bed. While some people may think futons are a low-end solution, over the years futons have evolved to give the same comfort as any other mattress on the market. Watertown Mattress offers futons from multiple brands with multiple stuffings to ensure you get the right one for you. If you are thinking of purchasing a futon, here are 7 reasons why it might be the right choice for you!


The most common reason why people choose futons is that they can be either a bed, couch, or both if you so choose. Futon mattresses are made to fold and when used with the frame, can be turned into a couch during the day and then flattened down for a bed during the night. This is a great solution for those living in small apartments as well as studios. The mattress’s flexibility is also perfect for easy moving from room to room or apartment to apartment.


Most people when thinking of futons refer to the old ways they were manufactured which were with cotton and recycled fibers which would settle over time. They used to be thin and sold with cheap metal frames. Over the years, futon mattresses have gone through several innovations that allow them to have the same comfort as a regular mattress. Standard futons are still made with cotton but usually have a layer of foam added to provide extra comfort as the cotton will compact over time. Futons also come in polyester and are considered the best choice for sleeping on futons. For memory foam lovers, they can now find futons mattresses that have memory foam wrapped in a layer of latex for ultimate comfort. High-end futons usually include innerspring and pocket coil mattresses. Innerspring feels like a conventional mattress but can be folded when space is needed. Pocket coil mattresses provide a firm surface for everyday sleeping and sitting and these futons should be used for more permanent bed solutions rather than folding into a couch as the individual springs can wear out.


One of the big benefits of futons is that when you are shopping for one, you have multiple choices when it comes to size, material, and coverings. Futon mattresses come in full and queen bed sizes. Buyers can also find futon chairs that convert into twin size beds. When buying a futon you can find thicknesses that range from four to twelve inches. For frames, you can go with a cheap metal from or a sturdy wooden frame depending on your preference.


As mentioned above, futons are usually cheaper options than regular bedroom mattresses but a quality futon is a much affordable option than a quality mattress if you are looking to save money. What is great about futon frames, unlike boxsprings, is that they never have to be replaced as long as it’s not broken.


What makes a futon durable is the covering on the outside and the material on the inside. Higher-end futons typically have a tough outer cover, and the filling is made to last for many years. One of the main reasons futons are looked down upon is the fact they can get hard and lumpy and that is because of the cotton filling. To avoid this, look for foam and spring mattress offerings for futons.


Probably the biggest reason, aside from saving money, that people get futons is because they are limited on space. Futons take far less space than a couch and futons easily convert into a comfortable bed. This couch and bed combo is perfect for condos, studios, guest rooms, and more.

Bug Resistance

The most common issue with mattresses is the appearance of bed bugs, and that is something no one wants to deal with. The good thing with futons is that they are more resistant to bed bugs over regular mattresses. The inner stuffing of the futon mattress is usually encased in a cover which is then covered by another casing for protection. As long as the zipper on the outer cover is zipped tight, it is less likely that bed bugs get inside a futon mattress. Another factor futons are less likely to harbor bed bugs is the fact that the frames are made of metal or varnished wood which bed bugs typically tend to avoid.

If you are looking for a quality mattress, futon, boxspring, or other home furnishings at an affordable price, be sure to contact Watertown Mattress today.