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5 Questions To Ask When Buying A Mattress

It is always something of great feeling to buy a new mattress; However, many make the mistake of purchasing the wrong one. Ideally speaking, you should replace your mattress every 7-10 years. You can also replace it if you start noticing wear and tear in your bed. such as sagging in the middle. Most times, people wait too long to buy a new mattress. The problem with not replacing your worn mattress is that it will undoubtedly give you aches and body pains, and even compromise your sleep. Whenever you decide it is time to replace your mattress, remember to ask these five crucial questions. 

Does the mattress have a warranty?

When purchasing a new mattress, go for the one, the seller is willing to offer a warranty. A seller will only offer you a warranty if he or she trusts in the quality of the product. As a rule, the more extended the warranty, the better the outcome. You don’t have to expect a warranty longer than seven years since you will be replacing the mattress by that time. The warranty should also cover for such scenarios as getting home, and you don’t like the feeling after a full night’s sleep. A warranty should not only cover damages.

Do I need to buy a box spring?

There are mattresses that you can buy alone while others require a box spring. Before you decide to buy any bed, be sure you incorporate the total cost of the spring that comes with it. If it can go without a spring, then you can purchase without the spring.

How good is its motion separation?

How much you feel about the movement of another person on the bed is called motion separation. You wouldn’t want the movement of your partner to wake you whenever they get up at night to use the bathroom. Go for the mattress with good motion separation to ensure you and your partner always has a good night’s sleep.

Does the mattress regulate body temperature?

It would help if you were wary of mattresses that hold onto heat, especially when you are a hot sleeper. Some beds feature a top cooling technology that helps disperse your body heat all through the night. Although the technology will cost you more money, however, it is worth every dime. If you don’t have the money to buy the mattress with this technology, at least make sure the bed you purchased doesn’t hold onto heat. 

What is the composition of the mattress?

There are mattresses made from natural materials, while there are those from synthetic materials. Those with one form of allergy or the other should be very careful when choosing a mattress of natural origin. 

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