4 Ways to Keep Warm in Bed This Winter

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to stay warm in winter. The last place you want to feel cold is in your own bed, but unfortunately, many people do! Staying toasty warm in bed is easier than you think. Incorporate these 4 tips into your nightly routine and before you know it, you’ll forget what being cold in bed even feels like!

Ways To Keep Warm In Bed During The Winter

1. Heated Mattress Pad


A heated mattress pad is a safe and effective way to literally create a warmer bed. This prevents the need for a pile of blankets on top of you. Instead, you’ll be heated from the mattress up and your normal blanket will be more than enough warmth on top. Visit a mattress store to find a reputable and high-quality mattress pad you can enjoy for winters to come.

2. Enjoy a Hot Beverage

A cup of tea or hot chocolate before bed will make you feel warm from the inside out. Plus, creating a bedtime routine like this actually helps you sleep better all year round! Try a variety of hot beverages until you find one you enjoy night after night.

3. Exercise Before Bed


Getting your blood pumping to help you stay warm. Exercise doesn’t have to mean getting so hot you’re sweating or running on a treadmill, but exercise before bed is still a great way to stay warm! Try yoga or light aerobic exercises right before getting into bed. This will help warm you up and relax your mind. The warming effects should last until you’re into a deep sleep, being warmed by the heated mattress pad beneath you.

4. Take a Hot Shower


A hot bath or shower is a tried and true way to get warm. If you’ve been outside and have that cold feeling that won’t go away no matter what you do, it’s time to strip away the layers and let warm water do the work! A hot shower or bath will help you relax, warm-up, and get ready for bed. Climb out and into your warm winter pajamas to hold the heat close to you all night long.


If you utilize all of these tips, you’re sure to stay warm and cozy in bed all night long. To find a heated mattress pad or an electric blanket that’s right for you, visit a mattress store and get a professional recommendation!